Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Granny's Rinse Adventures

Here is a short story that I created recently; towards the end of 2011. I really had some fun with this one...

Before entering into Granny’s world, we need to know about the institution of colour rinses often self administered by a large portion of the population of British Granny’s.
This is a whole culture in itself and has been going on since around… probably the fifties…(I need some help here, we are not only talking about Britain). A range of purples, mauves, indigo’s, blues and pinks adorn the heads of many street folk. Adventures lie in this place; we could call it a pass-time…OR even a phenomenon…or perhaps we could just not call it anything.
I hope this story might half take you there…what I do know, is that I may not have captured the dignity that it deserves.

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